Landscape and infrastructure maintenance

Clearing brush from power line corridors, gas pipelines and other openings

In order to avoid extensive power outages or to get to an emergency location of a gas pipeline at the right time, the power line or gas pipeline corridor must be cleared of bushes and trees in time. This is done by means of corridor maintenance, which is carried out every five years and involves the cutting of all the bushes and branches and the removal of dangerous trees within the boundaries of the line.

Our company has 15 years’ experience in maintaining and clearing various routes, for example, we have cleared 0.4-330kV power line corridors in both urban and rural areas.

Felling of dangerous trees

Are there any trees on your property or in the vicinity of your property which may endanger life, health or property? Let us know and depending on the situation we can find the best solution to the problem. We have specialists who can deal with trees of any complexity. 

Whether the tree is growing right outside your home, in the middle of your yard or right next to the power line, we can use a variety of techniques and equipment to get rid of the tree safely and dispose of the cuttings and stumps.

Pruning branches and treetops

Very often it is not necessary to cut the whole tree because only one branch or the treetop can pose a threat. If removing this branch or head will not cause much damage to the tree or reduce the volume of the crown to a great extent, it is wise to limit the cutting to pruning. When pruning branches and crowns, special techniques and the right tools must be used so that the tree remains healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

We deal with branch pruning most often when clearing power line corridors in densely populated areas, when caring for fruit tree plantations and when preparing construction sites. Our partners are certified arborists who have the necessary knowledge and skills to help you deal with the most difficult situations

Pruning hedges

A hedge can be a strip of bushes no taller than one metre or a row of centuries-old fir trees planted by forefathers to protect the farmyard from wind and dust. We can cope with dealing with the both. Everything depends on the technique chosen and the skills to be applied. To avoid damaging the hedge in the future, you should consider how wide and tall it can be grown when planting and, based on this, choose the necessary techniques and frequency of pruning.

Mowing and trimming grass and lawns

We help with lawn and grass mowing and trimming in farmyards, summer houses, construction sites, manufacturing sites, solar panel parks, ditches, fields, parks, green spaces, substations, around fire water intakes and many other locations. We carry out work on a one-time call-out basis or on a long-term contract. Be sure to ask for a quote!

Maintenance of areas with solar panels and wind turbines

We take care of solar panel and wind turbine areas all over Estonia. Depending on your needs, we can carry out lawn and grass mowing, snow clearing, panel cleaning and other necessary work on the areas. We carry out the work both on the basis of a one-time call-out and on the basis of a long-term cooperation agreement. Be sure to ask for a quote!

Stump milling, drilling and uprooting

We can help you with the removal of a single stump, as well as with the clean-up of a large site. We have both stump grinders and stump drills in our arsenal. We provide a full service from cutting down brush or trees to stump removal and grading

Clearing fields and other areas of scrub and brushwood

In our climate, unmaintained land will soon become overgrown with scrub. Within the first ten years, a field that has been left fallow can develop a serious thicket, which can be quite difficult for a mowing specialist to clear.Our experts are there to help you get rid of the pesky growth. If there is enough biomass, you can also earn money by selling us the right to cut it down and sell it. Get in touch with us as soon as possible and we’ll find the best solution together!

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